Saturday 10/01/2015
10:00am to 11:00pm


Many thanks to Steve for doing all the leg work and organising another great event.

This is just an overvue to give you a flavour of what went down, there was far too much going on for me to write a detailed account.
That would have turned into a full time job and I would have missed out on the events atmosphere and conversations.
The events are in chronological order.

Some of the early birds at the start.
Left to right, Alan Towell, Ali Tait, mik_rik, Steve Petch (Organiser), RichB, Marco, Nick Gorham, Macca, Jimbo.

I kicked things off with my Sugden A21a and matching CD player through the Celestion 66's.

Next up, Richard giving his introduction for the Marantz CD63 used as transport into the Rega Brio DAC and AMP and his Rega RS5 speakers.

Ali setting up his kit, as he was next and played through Steve Petch's Raurk Crusader III's.

A closer look at Ali's table includes, amongst others, the Kraken, a pair of 300B monoblocks and a tasty Tandberg R to R.

Steve Sheills intro for his DIY open Baffle speakers that include an 18" bass and four other drivers including a ribbon tweeter and a super tweeter.

Steves power comes from his PX25 output valves and a heady 5w at max.
His speakers are a hundred and odd dB sensitive, so only half volume created an impressive sound level.

Steve Okeefe and his Golden Note "Koala" CD playing into his Croft 25 Integrated and Richards RS5's.

Alan Towell  launches his DIY Voyager monoblocks (bottom two below the tape) fed from his trusty Tascam BR20 R to R.

A few more faces, too many to list but Lez Wolstenholme (Avondale) is pictured far right. Lez has become a bit of a regular at the NEBO meets.

Dave (S-Man) and Mike from Leeds were first timers and brought along some very interesting projects.

These included, a modded Arcam CD feeding a DIY pre/active x-over and a Grant GL50 tweaked to run KT88's provided power.
The box at the bottom of the stack is a hush hush piece of distortion cancelation electronics that managed to get a remarkably clean and deep bass out of three 6" Seas drivers mounted in a small sealed box.

At this point we moved over to Vinyl and Alan replaced the R to R with his Pioneer deck and DIY Paradise Phono (on the floor).

The direct drive Pioneer is a PLC 590/SME3009-2/Ortofon Kontrapunkt B.

A few of the folks chewing the cudd after a demo.

I managed to hook my Tannoy Cheviots up to some of Ali's Tubes and then Rich's Rega Brio for comparison.

James "Jimbo" brought along his Croft Micro 25R + Pre amp which has a MM phono and the RS line stage installed. With the aid of a Paul Haynes head amp this played Alans Pioneer and MC cartridge through the Voyagers and Steves Raurk speakers.

The Pioneer was swapped out for Marco's Techie/Ortofon RS212D/Denon DL-103 S1. We got into some serious box swapping here and tried lots of phono stages including a Firebottle.

Nick Gorham brought along the Phono stage/step up he designed and available from Music First Audio.
(I think I got that right).

Nicks Phono stage in use, Ali introduced His Power supply into the system to see what effect it had. It's built into a desktop PC size case and is just visable through the right hand rack. It has a Teroidal Transformer the size of a dinner plate in there and is err heavy. It made a very noticable reduction in the noise floor.

mik_rik's Quad ESL-57's. Mick admited he hadn't used them for about twelve months so it was fingers crossed, but they were fine and soon settled with some watts provided by Ali's 300B Monoblocks and a file based front end supplied by RichB.

I left the die hards to it at this point as I was driving.
Great day, in my view the best NEBO event to date, really enjoyed all the gear, hearing some must have tracks and seeing/chatting to folks again.